Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh Part 6 – “Halong to Hanoi”

Today was our last day at Ha Long Bay. We visited the famous caves in the morning and were back by 9.30am to our boat where we chilled out until lunch time and they showed us how to make spring rolls. A group from our boat left and were going to the bungalows and then a new group returning to Hanoi joined our boat. There were met a lovely Spanish couple with two boys a bit younger than ours. We got on well and have exchanged numbers to keep in touch.

We had lunch and got back to shore around 1pm. From there we took around 4 hours to get back to Hanoi and to our hotel where we stayed the night. We stayed at Family Hanoi hotel, a very cosy small boutique hotel. The staff were very accomodating and the place was clean and nicely decorated. Close to the centre within walking distance. I highly recommend this hotel.

We walked around the lake in the evening and had dinner at New day restaurant, which was recommended by our hotel. Right in the heart of the old quarter of Hanoi it seems like a very popular place to go for locals and foreigners. We chose to sit outside on the little table and chairs. The service was quick and the food was delicious. Mr 4 is mastering the use of chopsticks! He refuses to use a fork.

It was an early night for all of us as we had a busy day.


Still looking like Avatar after the horrible fall on the boat at Halong Bay.


Just beautiful!

breathtaking view
our cruise
At the stopover between Ha Long Bay and Hanoi. The boys enjoyed watching the ladies sew.
outside our hotel in Hanoi – Family hotel. Highly recommend.

Where we had dinner – “new day”
mastering the chopsticks

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