Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh Part 11 – “Sapa day 4”

Today was a slow start to the day. The boys enjoyed having some more downtime and playing with their new friend Connor who lives in Hong Kong. His parents Belinda and Guy were also lovely and we enjoyed meeting them. Connor taught the boys how to play darts and pool and at every chance they got, they would go to the bar downstairs and roll some balls on the pool table and throw a few darts. 

Our new friend Connor
We’re going to miss you Connor!

We didn’t get moving until close to midday and found ourselves two motorbike drivers to take us to the Silver waterfalls. We paid $350, 000 Dong for the two bikes for half the day and this included the drivers giving us a nice tour and stopping every so often for photos. You should be able to get a bike (with a driver) for $300,000 Dong ($15 USD)for an entire day. Otherwise you can pay $6-7 USD for a bike for the day if you plan to drive it. Of course some places will try to charge you more – so be warned.

We had lunch just across the waterfall at the driver’s friends shop/stall for just street food.

Marcus fell asleep half up to the waterfall
Stopping half way to take in the views

Lunch getting prepared

They then took us on a very remote dirt road/track to the village of Sin Chai. There we saw a local pre-school and primary school.
Back to Sapa we then killed some time in Sapa until our bus ride to Lao Cai, where we took another sleeper train to Hanoi.

Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai primary school

Sin Chai pre-school

Sin chai village

Sin chai village

Brings back my childhood memories of playing elastics!
So peaceful
Our motorbike drivers

Looking down from the silver waterfall
The bridge at the waterfall

Pretending to be asleep

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