Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh Part 17 – “Quy Nhon”

pronounced: “oui nion” as in ‘filet mignon’.

Where to go after Hoi An? That was the big dilemma haunting us. Should we go to Dalat or should we go to Nha Trang? Why not go to Nha Trang and then go to Dalat as well?

We asked locals and we asked people we met about what they knew about Nha Trang. Most came up with the same conclusion that Nha Trang has become a big city and whist has some very nice resorts, it is renowned for having some bogans, as we would call them in Australia. After seeing Da Nang, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to see another city like it again.

We began our search for tickets to Nha Trang on the sleeper train to see our options. We needed to get to Saigon by at least the 3rd of January and thought we could first stop at Nha Trang and then head to Saigon from there.

We looked for tickets to arrive before NYE and there was nothing available. All the trains heading down south were booked up right through into the new year. Up until now we hadn’t worried about booking things too in advance as we have just done things at the spur of the moment. Crap. Our next thought was will there be tickets from Nha Trang to Saigon then?

No. All booked too!

At this stage we then considered splitting the train journey so that rather than travel at night to Nha Trang, we would go half way and that would give us the option to travel during the day on soft seats, which there were still some seats left. It wasn’t ideal, but probably our only option.

We wanted somewhere to chill and relax by the beach for 2 nights. We were told Quy Nhon was a good option. Before long we bought tickets to Dieu Tri, which is the station next to Quy Nhon. Fortunately we also realised that there was a different line running through Quy Nhon to Saigon. As a result we now had a destination and an option to travel to Saigon on a sleeper train.

So our itinerary had now become Hoi An – Quy Nhon – Saigon.

We caught the train from Da Nang station to Dieu Tri, a 6 hour train ride and then taxi to Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon was a refreshing change from everywhere we had been so far – including Hoi An.

Why different?

1. It was coastal – we love the beach. It was just a shame that the weather was not in our favour. It was cloudy, showery, windy and at times felt so cool that we needed our jumpers. The water was apparently not as pristine as it usually is due to the Typhoon that hit the Philippines recently and upset theweather in Vietnam.

2. I know this could have happened in other places had we stayed in more expensive hotels, but up until now this was the first hotel in Vietnam where I got to have a shower  that had a shower divider!! What the heck am I talking about?

Those who have visited Vietnam will understand that most bathrooms have the shower and toilet in the one room with no shower divider, so when you take a shower, you basically end up wetting the entire bathroom – yuck!!

There is one petty hate of mine, and that is when the floor of the bathroom is all wet after a shower. Imagine how I felt when the entire bathroom became the shower- Ugh!! I don’t know about you, but I like to walk into to a bathroom at night or any time with the floor being dry.  I had sucked it up until now, therefore Quy Nhon for me was a little peace of heaven!  – Yes I am crazy! Lol

3. It was a smaller town but there was also some character to it – the beach helped!

4. There were no hagglers trying to sell all all sorts of things to you. This made our stay pleasant and free to roam the streets without being stopped every few steps taken. Mind you Sebastian and Jason did get stopped a few times but this was mainly to get their photo taken with the locals Like celebrities!

Whilst we didn’t get the weather we were hoping for, it was still restful and a nice change but now it was time to leave Quy Nhon and this time we were catching the 2.50pm train from Quy Nhon to Saigon, which was to arrive on new years day at 4.30am.

New years eve spent on the train. Happy 2017 everyone!

In the taxi towards Da Nang train station

Waiting to get on the train

In Quy Nhon
Quy nhon beach
The view from our hotel room
Panoramic view from hotel
Some new friends
Downstairs at the hotel restaurant looking towards the beach

At one of the markets. We found NO foreigners at all in here

Dinner at one of the street restaurants
Entertaining himself until we finish our dinner
The place we had dinner at
Bye bye Quy Nhon

The very last train ride for this trip

Our last train ride for this trip! 😣😢

You will find these vendors at basically every train station
A quick snap of Nha Trang station when we passed it around 8pm
Finally arrived at our last train station at 4.30am – Saigon
The wee hours of the new year

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