Singapore to Chiang Mai Part 1 – “Journey from Singapore to Johor Bahru”

The journey into Singapore was fairly smooth sailing. The boys entertained themselves a lot better with the in-flight entertainment.

We arrived at Singapore and caught a taxi to Queen st for approx $20Sin. From Queen st we had to negotiate another special vehicle to cross the border over to Johor Bahru (JB). There are government cabs one can catch, which will charge you approx $12Sin per person or $48Sin for a whole car.

We would’ve gone with this option except there was no movement of a very long queue, and people were getting anxious. It was 6pm and we didn’t want to take that risk by waiting heavens knows how long!

We finally negotiated a price of $50Sing for the four of us. Once the driver had a complete car of 7 passengers, we were off.

I did not expect the journey that followed – peak hour at its worst! It was literally bumper to bumper most of the way crossing the border. I was feeling restless, and although we were all tired, the boys did magnificently.

We did not arrive at our unit until approx 8.30/9pm. We all crashed for the night, and had a terrible sleep, as the boys woke up half way and Marcus had difficulty falling back asleep. I still think we did fairly good overall.

We had great accommodation through Airbnb at the Twin Galaxy residences.

The next day, Saturday 9th we spent the whole day at Lego land.

It has two main sections: Lego Land Theme Park and Lego Land Water Park.

We chose to only do the Theme Park as we were unsure how we would go for time, trying to fit in both parks into one day. If you are unsure what to do, I can say that  one entire day for the Theme Park was perfect. We would not have had time to do both.

The theme park is best suited to children pre teens. Our boys loved Lego Land, and a lot of the rides were really suited to this age group. Whilst we did see plenty of older children and adults on rides, I don’t see how our boys would really value Lego Land in 10 years time!

The Theme Park is divided into seven sections:

  • The beginning
  • LEGO Technic
  • LEGO Kingdoms
  • Imagination
  • Land of adventure
  • LEGO city
  • Miniland

The Project X roller coaster ride allows children aged 6+ but they need to be over 120cms tall in order to wear the virtual reality (VR) head gear. Unfortunately, I did not realise this part and hence both Mr 5 and I got to go on the ride, but without the VR gear.

The park is fairly strict about age and height, to the point that I found myself having to ride several baby rides with Marcus, as “children under the age of 6 and under 100cm height need to be accompanied by an adult”. It is nice to see a country really care about restrictions and safety, but there was one ride that truly did not require adult accompaniment!

Fasten your seat belts, this 1km per/hr train ride is sure to be dangerous! 😂

The view from our unit

In imagination land

Lego Ninjago show

Mini land. Very impressive!


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