Singapore to Chiang Mai Part 2 – “Journey from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur”

Sunday morning and we are trying to find breakfast before our 10am train to KL. We catch an Uber to JB Sentral hoping to have enough time to find a place to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately it’s pretty chaotic. We briefly sit at a place, have a rice dish, and soon make a dash for the train.

The boys have anticipated this moment. They still love the train journeys and I thrive seeing their little faces light up at the sight of them. I know this will not last forever, so I have to enjoy every moment.

The train journey from JB to KL requires a changeover at a station called Gemas. We arrive into Gemas at 2.30pm and catch the next train at 3pm from Gemas, arriving at Kuala Lumpur station at 5.15pm.

About to board the train at Johor Bahru

The train at Gemas to KL

We finally arrive to Kuala Lumpur and the boys check out the front of the train.

Kuala Lumpur station
Walking to get a taxi to our unit

We go out for dinner that evening to a place called Havana bar and grill.

A before family photo

And after shot. The boys put themselves to sleep 😂

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