Singapore to Chiang Mai Part 6 – “Ko Phanang”

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.03.40 pm.png

Our stay at Haad Salad Villa (16th- 18th December 2017) felt too short. It was a quiet beach, away from the riff-raff and the simple accommodation made it feel like we were glamping. The beach was a stones throw away, the food and drinks at the restaurant were cheap and good value for money. We figured, staying at a cheaper place such as this would also pay off as far as the drinks and food was concerned. It is likely that drinks and food at a 5-star resort would not be the same price.

We hope to come back one day and spend at least a week on this beach. I would recommend this beach to anyone who is looking for a quiet beach and cheap accommodation. Just a little warning, if you look on the “Haad Salad Villa” the place in real life looks a little more run down than in the pictures.





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