London to Hong Kong Part 3 – “Paris”

We were back in Paris and I never tire of visiting this beautiful city.

Our friends Sev and Wanda welcomed us back into their home. We arrived at night so there wasn’t much to do except catch up over dinner.

The following morning the boys wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower. Mr 6 had been unwell since London, but had struck up the courage (with the help of Panadol) to go to the tower for the day.

It was a little disappointing to see how much the ambience at the tower has changed. So much uncertainty, unrest, distrust has crept in no thanks to terroristic behaviours.

The entire tower is secured now with glass walls and one has to pass through scrutinized security before purchasing tickets.

There was no ice-skating rink this time either. I wonder if for security reasons as well?

The following day we visited the local markets on Saxe Avenue and bougjt cheeses and Sev bought produce. It’s a beautiful market with quality produce. I went back to buy some blue cheese and the girl kindly said it was a gift and gave me the cheese for free because I had to wait.

After the markets, our plan was originally to visit the Catacombs. Unfortunately, the protests of a group known as “the yellow vests” had closed much of the city up and there were extra police on the roads. Some metro stations/lines were closed and museums.

We ended up going to Montmatre, with detours on the metro.

Vin chaud at montmatre

Where we stopped off to have a drink. I had an Aperol Spritz. Much to Sev’s surprise it was the best one he’s tried in Paris.

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